How to Create an "Add to Calendar" Button for Events

Give your users an “Add to Calendar” button that they can use to quickly add events, bookings, or trips to the calendar on their phone!


Thanks @pford for such a great tool.

Hi, i’d tried to set the reminder configuration on 1 min but always appears 30 min and at the exact time of the event my calendar doesn’t notify the event.

In the video it looks like the event is added just by press de button but in my case the button triggers a .ics file then i have to download it and open it then click on add to calendar to have de event created.

I hope you can help me.

How to Add an "Add to Calendar" Button for Events - Adalo Resources

Thanks in advance
I’m using android phone

Gotcha! Yes, for Android, please add the option &format=gcal to the end of the URL as well. Android runs on Google and thus does not immediately import .ics files.

Thanks @pford now it prompt the calendar screen directly to add the event :smiley:, but no alarms are trigger in my phone when the event starts… :disappointed: what can i do?

My actions is:
Captura de pantalla 2021-07-24 a las 4.34.24 p.m.

Actually GCal doesn’t support creating reminders in any way other than if you set it up in Google Calendar itself. When the event is created, it will simply use the default calendar reminder settings that the user has for their Google account. Unfortunately, this is just how GCal works, not anything a given service can remedy… for this reason it’s usually best to provide two buttons - one for .ics file and one for GCal.

Well, the reminder is setting allright and work 30 min before, the event is created fine and its added to my calendar, but is just that when the event start nothing happens.

I see the event is created in the same way like created directly in my phone calendar but when i added events in this way the event reminder say ““Event” now” when the event starts.

Im thinking to set the reminder in “1” value but the phone calendar reminder presetting overwritte this.

Yes that’s correct - the person’s phone (only on Android) overwrites any reminder option that you have set with their default notification time that they have set. That’s just a GCal thing apparently.

Thanks a lot for the support @pford.

Do you know how to trigger an Adalo`s notification of this with integromat. (Not using calendar)?

Sure thing. Can you create a new Topic for that in Help and tag me in it?

Sure, thanks for all the support.

Hi @pford just to tell you that this way for event notification finally works. After several test i know the following.

1.- For Android you have to add the &format=gcal at the end.
2.- No matter what number on minutes you put in the reminder it always be overwrite by the default calendar setting on your phone
3-. To make it work you only need to delete the default reminder setting every time you use this and add in my case 1 minute before the event and it works!!

Thanks for all @pford !!!

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if you’d like to make this easier to replicate and support a member of the adalo community check out

I have no relation just a fan of what they’ve made and would like to encourage others to support them.

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How do you add members to your scheduled meeting?