How to create contact form

Hi everyone
I want know to how to create a custom form which will permit a user to contact app owner.
This form is composed by following fields:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Subject
  • Your message

Please I am beginner , so help me

Thx you very

Hi @nouahenri,

You can have a collection for Contact Forms and add properties and add a form on your screen to create!

Made a video : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

If you need to send a email once the user create the form to the app owner you can use a custom action with a 3rd party.

Here are some 3rd parties that you can use!

Abracadalo : - tuto : Notification API | Abracadalo API Handbook , Notification API Tutorial - YouTube

Adastacks : - tuto : Scheduled Notifications - Adastacks Guides

Sendgrid : - tuto : , Adalo Custom Actions Tutorial - SendGrid Email - YouTube

Hope this helps!

Thank you

P.S : I suggest to read the information in Adalo Docs to get the basics for beginners!

Click on the (Adalo) circle icon on the bottom right, click on video tutorials, click on basics of forms.

Start your Adalo journey by learning how to work with lists, databases, and forms. You’ll use these in just about every app you create. It’s well worth the time.

Hi . Thanks you for your help

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