How to create make it so each user has their own data

I am building a mortgage payment calculator app that will allow users to enter their loan details and it will calculate the total monthly mortgage loan payment. There is not a reason to store the calculations that someone has completed for anyone other than themselves on their own phone. Is there a way to set this up so that the data that is entered stays on the phone where app is installed? Also, is there a way to set up the data so that it only saves something like the last 5 calculations and then automatically deletes the oldest calculation each time a new calculation is entered?

Hi @peroron2000 ,

This may not answer all your needs.

But Adalo is known best for its database, so if your app does not need one, probably you are wasting its advantages.

And looks like spreadsheet-based no code builder is more suitable to your need.

But if you still want to try in Adalo, you can use input field to store data on the app, but as soon as the app close and reopen again, it will be reset.

For last 5 records, in the list you can set minimum display, but you need to save them in database, which is against your previous premise.

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