How to create multiple image listing view?

I need help with multiple viewing image listing,
at a moment there is only 1 image on database that can be shown.
I have tried creating image 2…3…4…5 but i am not able to view it
Please assist


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Hi Mac, if you share some screenshots or video or your set up, we can help you out.

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i have the same question too.
i am trying to allow the user to uploade more than a photo but it seems not possible.
any solution?

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@Ben I have same question too. I have a product collection table which is containing 1 image for the list view. When I’m viewing the details information of the particular product details here I want show some extra images (which are kept in another relation/relative collection called product images). But I couldn’t found any option. can you please help me?


@ahmedferdaus On your product details page, you could add a list. The List should be set to be a List of Product Images and the filter should be set to be Current Product > Product Images

If the list is a custom list with an image component inside of it, you would set the image source to be Current Product Image.

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Is there a way to Add Geo location so that listings it can be filtered on location ?

Not currently, but it’s on our roadmap here:

Thanks @Ben it’s worked.

One more question; can I show the images as slider format in this case? I won’t show all images by default when visitor want to see more images then it will show as like slider image.

Again thank you very much for your support.

That feature is on our roadmap here: