Best way to handle mutiple product pictures data


I encounter some troubles with a collection of Products Images which are added by users through a form (relationship one product many images) to sell their products.

In the Home page of the app is an Horizontal Card List that displays Product Images collection by filtering and to link to a Detail page of that product. So, I only get the Product Image data, not the Product data but it’s working though.
Unfortunately, an other page with Product data but not Images product data is linked to that Detail page.
Eventually, the screen of Detailed Product misses both Product and Product Images data.

To solve it, I’ve tried to display Products on that Horizontal Card List instead of Product Images to get the Product data back. I can’t get the Product Image data that way according to the relationship between collections.

What would be your advice ? Copying that Detail page to get different links, one with Product data, the other with Product Images data ? Or finding a way to create one Cover Picture and separate other through the form when user add their own pictures?

Thanks a lot

Hi @chrl ! I had the sam problem when I was begginer. Let me explain to you how to handle this.
For first, you must have an “Image” property in “Products” database. You should make a system that when you add product images to select the image you want as the main image.
Should be a list with all images the user added for this product.
When the user select the image and set it as cover you should make an action like this:
Update current product → Image → Current image

Hope it helps you!


Thanks for your replay.
Do you have a duplicate image between that main picture and the others (to display all the images in an image carrousel) ?

Thanks a lot

You can make that with image slider

To display the main image and the other pictures that are in an other collection in the same carrousel ?

To display the main image you should set a “Image” property in products database and you will display the main image only on product list, not on current product page. In current product page you display the image slider of current product images

With that solution your database needs more space because the main image is stocked in product database and in images product database.
Don’t know if it could be a problem in term of storage if a lot of products are added by users (few thousands)

If you add thousands of products your app will be definitely slow.

Adalo it’s a great tool as front-end. As a backend I suggest you to use .

Few weeks ago I developed an app for e-commerce with Adalo database, after we added 600 products the app couldn’t be used and was very slow. I changed the database of products to Xano and now everything it’s ok. So, if you want to succeed with your app I suggest to use Xano as back-end and Adalo as front-end.

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