How to create quote / shopping bag without payment

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I am looking for the perfect tool to create my business and I have a question to which I cannot find an answer.

Briefly, I would like to create an intermediation platform on which there will be hundreds of products of different suppliers (I take care of putting the products on the platform myself). Customers will be able to log on the platform and add products into their shopping bag. I know it’s possible to create a shopping bag with a payment funnel on Adalo but instead of having a payment button at the end, I would like a “create a quote” button. As soon as the user clicks on this button, Adalo sends an email directly to me / or suppliers with a quote in csv format for instance with the list of products (with product name, ref and price).

Is it possible to do so on Adalo ?

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I think you can make it through AirTable or Zapier using an API.

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I think CSV format to download automatically is not possible right now but you can make a zap where you connect adalo with google sheets & set it to when new item is added to the quote collection a new row created in google sheets.

I hope this will help you.