How to create web page if I've chosen native app

Hi there,

When I created my app in Adalo I’ve chosen native app only.
Maybe somebody knows is it possible to add Web page to my app?
Any settings for that?

I need something like a landing where I can place Terms of use and Privacy policies

Thank you in advance!

You can link to an external website to direct the user to your privacy policy

Hi @Shinnawy
Thank you for your reply.
It’s not exactly what I mean,
I mean that I need to build a landing page in Adalo. So build Web app
However, when I created my Adalo account and started my test app I had a choice to build mobile app, web app or Web+mobile app. I’ve chosen mobile only.
How can I “revert” my choice and select Web+mobile app to add Web page to my project?

Hope I’ve explained it better now. Let me know if any questions

  • Create a New App

  • Choose web app

  • Choose your template

  • Create your name and set your branding

  • Click advanced options

  • Select Share Database with Existing App

  • Choose the app with the database to share

  • Click Done

  • Notice your database collections are now showing in the new app



If you just want to link to your terms and conditions you can add a screen within your webapp that shows a webpage that’s hosted on your website.

Go to add screen>simple>webview and set the URL to be the page of your terms and conditions.


Thank you so much @Shinnawy. This helped!

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