How to delete value from an collection property

Hi guys
I have create my app with subscription’s option . I want to know how to remove a subscriber ( user ) from subscription pressing a button . I mean delete or remove a value from a property

Or how to remove a user from a subscription users list’s

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Hello, you can add a boolean value like “subscriber?” and set i to true or false. Then the button update the user’s variable.

Plz I’am a beginner. Can you share an example or make video .
Thanks you

Hi @nouahenri,

You can use a Many to Many rel between the Users collection and the Service collection! Same like Favorites , Following etc!

Check this out! : service subscribe.mp4 - Google Drive

To delete normal properties you can use the None field or use a input. : Check this post by Rozza : Press button -> update user -> make fields empty - #6 by Rozza ( I have showed this on the above video )

Thank you

Thanks you friend
But I couldn’t catch you because the voice of the video is not so good.
I may have expressed myself badly but I just wanted to know how a user can subscribe or unsubscribe from a subscription.
Also I would like to know how to update or delete property value of a collection from application

Thanks for all

How the user do this? Can you give a example?

You mean clear the text in that property right? I have added that in the video.

I’m sorry that the video was not good :slightly_smiling_face: Will check that!

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