Subscription Management

Hi all,

Does anybody know how to allow users to manage their subscription? Right now, users can only subscribe but cannot unsubscribe. Is there a way to allow them to delete or change subscriptions?

Thank you.


I was wondering the same, I guess we can manage it internally once you recognize that the user subscribed, enable the subscription features. Once the user is ready to unsubscribe have some sort of request to unsubscribe that will trigger some sort of manual or semi automatic process

Going to try to hack something together with Zapier and see if I can figure this out. I’ll let you know when I come up with a solution! It may very well just have to be a semi-manual process right now.

Awesome, yes please looking forward to hear what you came up with. I will be implementing something around that too soon

Hi guys, I’m curious what you mean by this - are you talking about end-users subscribing to plans in the app?

Yes, users subscribing to plans in the app. The problem we are facing is once they subscribe, there is no way to manage their subscription through the app. So therefore they are subscribed with no easy way to unsubscribe.

How are you going about it? Have you created a “subscribed” checkbox for the user, or have you created a ‘subscription’ as a collection? Or something else?

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Yes that is how I did it! I created a Boolean field in the users table. When the subscribe button is clicked, it makes the boolean field “True” and links to a new screen. On that screen I have a button that is visible to users who have subscribed (“True” ) and if clicked will take them to the home screen. I also have a button that is visible only if the boolean field is “false”. When clicked, this will take them back to the subscribe page.

I made called this screen “Subscription Detection” and made it the home screen for logged in users. That way whenever they get on, it “detects” whether they have a subscription or not, only allowing those that do have one through.