How to design data

We are now developing a kind of SNS for parents. We would like to know how to design the data in the following case.

User A has multiple children such as John and Amy. We would like to display User A’s description as “John and Amy’s dad” with the children’s names.

We made collections as follows.


Could somebody kindly give us advice on how to design the data in this case?

Hi @pairpare sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

In order to provide you with an effecient manner to design this database I may need a few more details.

  1. Are the children also registered users of the app? (User account).
  2. Is it the parent that adds the children to the app and say they are their parent? Or can the children sign up themselves and say that a certain user is their parent?

Hi @Colin, Thank you for your support.

In our app, children are not registered as a user account. Only parents use this app by registering a user account.

Thanks @pairpare,

I haven’t had time to set up this test yet but I will get back to you this week about it. Sorry for the delay.

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Hi @Colin,

Thank you for your kind message. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sorry for such a long delay @pairpare.

I have made a cloneable app here where you can see how I have set it up: