Multiple users and multiple admins

Good day everyone! I hope someone can shed some light on this issue, I brought it up before but unfortunately I didn’t get a response and I am struggling to complete one last task in my app

Here is the bottom line: I need to have multiple families (real human families) be able to set up accounts and have admin accounts and kid/children accounts on EACH different family account. I hope this makes sense.

For example:
FAMILY The Smith - needs a admin (mon and dad) and the kids to have access
FAMILY The Johnsons - needs the same as above

But I don’t want The Smiths or the Johnsons to be able to see each-others information.

Please please help me. Thank you in advanced

Hi @joelnest ,

I will assume that you have family collection that have relationship to users as members, add another like this but call them admins.

So would it be like this

They would sign up as a family first ( not sure how to set this part up)
Family - Portal (This is the part im having issues with)
Admin - Parents
User - Kids

Maybe it is about time to see your screenshots on how you make relationships.

Without it, we are shooting in the blind, hoping for the luck. :grinning:

Absolutely very sorry I didn’t send in the first place

I understand the order of how to have it happen, but I don’t know how to do it.

The images show the the following order

  1. Log-in or welcome screen (allows you to sign up a family) or log in with an existing account)
  2. Family signup page (This is the part I am having issues with…
    I want the NEXT screen to create a full log in UNDER the family they created (same with the child/kid account) But I don’t want other families able to see any of the data from any other families.

Right now I can log everyone in and step up dummy accounts, but they can see everyone’s material not just the family I set up. So in short, I can get the app to collect all the information and utilize it on other pages, but again everyone can see everyone’s information.
I hope I’m making sense. Let me know if you need any other screenshots, I am not too sure what is the best to send. Thank you for all the help

Need clarification,

So you want this family usergroup to be automatic assigned to child accounts ?

another way to ask, every child account that signup should use automatic family usergroup relation ?

If that is the case, you need referral system, so child input a code and automatically linked to the family usergroup.

This will help with the referral system.

Thank you everyone I figured it out… I have been adding “ALL users” to everything, Once I set the Users to “Family Users” It allowed me to categorize the families and all data is under the correct family name.


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