Display custom formula as a date


I’m trying to add an amount of days from an input form to a date chosen by a user. In this case a user is renting something for a specific amount of days and picks the first date on the rental, followed by how many days they want it for.

Below the date picker and input I want to show the selected dates. However, I can’t find a way to do this at the moment.

Using a text field I’m unable to simply add the input value to the selected date as the text field won’t allow a math formula. If I use a custom formula it returns as a decimal value which I can’t work out how to convert back to a date.

I’ve read the posts I can find on the forum and tried a method that works in Excel but I’m not sure how the same formula would work in Adalo.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I think that you can only be outputting it as a number there. You might need to add a ‘date’ type property on the database called ‘end date’, and then have the formula updating that property. Then you can display current rental > end date, on the page.

You need an action to make this happen, it won’t happen automatically. So once they pick the first day and number of days, they can click a button to calculate the end date. That button has the action, with custom formula, to update the date property.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I was really hoping to find a solution that doesn’t require the database to be updated at this point. A user can select different start dates and amount of rental days within the same order so the dates are specific to the order item, which hasn’t been created at this stage.

It’s frustrating as when the order item is created I can easily create the start and end dates in the collection by simply doing ‘Date picker + Input value’ and it works perfectly.

Is there really no way of having a text field (or something similar) make a math calculation?


It can still do a calculation like you say but I think it needs to be updating a date property in order for it to convert to a formatted date

Sorry I’m not understanding what you mean - are you saying it has to update a collection property or can it do the calculation in the text field without updating any collection?


I think it needs to update a collection property

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