How to display restaurants according to the customer's position

I have to display only restaurants that are within 10 km of the app user. The user can enter his delivery address or use geolocation. (like on UberEats)

I can’t seem to do this. If anyone knows how to do that would help a lot. Thanks a lot

Hi @theocardona,

Welcome to the community. Right now Adalo doesn’t have the GPS feature (but in the future I hope they’ll introduce it) but you can achieve this manually by zip code. Here is the example you can follow -

  1. Ask for a zip code on the signup page or any page to your users & restaurant owner(user)
  2. Now let’s assume you have the list of restaurants on the homepage.
  3. Now apply the filter on the list, that all restaurants > zipcode [is equal to/contain] user > zipcode

Thanks, I hope this will help you.

Hello! Maybe this can help!