How to display the original position when moving back from the modal screen to the original screen

Could somebody kindly tell us how to fix the problem below?

  1. Scroll down on the screen A.

  2. Open a modal screen B by tapping a link button on the bottom of the screen A.

  3. Complete the process and move back from the modal screen B to the original screen A.

  4. The top is displayed on the screen A.

At No. 4, we would like to display the bottom of the screen A which was the original position just before tapping a link button.

@pairpare The only thing you can do now is upvote the feature request : Maintain scroll position | Voters | Adalo

@karimoo Thank you for you kind notice. I voted it!

If you are building a native mobile app the scroll will stay positioned.

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@ashley Thank you. Yes, we are planning to upgrade it to a native mobile app.

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