How to distribute an Adalo App to Apple devices with using the App Store

Hi Guys,

We are developing an app that our client doesn’t want to distribute on the App Store but wants to have the download link on their own website.

Could anyone let me know the apple publish process with Adalo to do this?



As far as I know it is impossible officially, but even if there are some ways to do so, the process of installing on the customer end will be so technical and advanced, so average user won’t do it.

But that model can work with android, with a simple how to install instructions provided to customers.

Hi Deadpool,

cheers for your response, a few years ago there was what was called an apple Enterprise app, where companies could distribute their ‘intrenet’ App internally without going on the App store. This was what we were hoping to do, but i can’t find anything referring to this on Adalo.

Never heard about it. Wish you find a solution. Hope you keep us know if there is some workaround.

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