Selling Outside of App Stores

Hey Team

Is there a way to avoid putting my app in the app stores (Apple & Google) I think their commissions are exorbitant and would prefer to sell it (and be downloaded) straight off my website.

Or because people use either iOS or Android, I’ve got no choice?

I’m doing a lot of research but am still unclear about this aspect.


Hi Ainsley,

I think you have no choice but to make it a PWA or a published app in the app store. Probably an impossible workaround if you really wanted your users to download off your website is to create your own app store or your own phone, which no one will probably do :smiley:

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Ah crap, that’s what I thought.

Need to invent my own Apple. Unfortunately I haven’t got a spare $bil lying around.

Thanks James.


Hi Ainsley and James :wave:

How about this one? Like a Desktop app.I found this one on Google.

Thank you

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Thanks Dilon. I’ve already saved this for when the app’s finished so I can convert it to desktop. it’s a great tool.

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Your welcome Ainsley. And when you done share the results if you can :+1: I like to see how it works.

Thank you

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