How to drop pin in Maps?

Is it possible to just drag and click on some position on the maps then the marker will appear itself and we get the information where that location address is?

This is not currently possible. Adalo can map addresses from your database only

Is it possible if I create a pure javascript program that handle that specific task to pin the maps (for example like this :, then I send the cordinate to the airtable, then I pull the data from airtable to the Adalo ?

The flow will be like this :

  1. User click a button in Adalo screen that link to that external page
  2. User drag and drop the pin maps from that external page. User submit the final cordinate.
  3. The cordinate is sent to the airtable via API (from that external page)
  4. The maps in Adalo get updated by the data in Airtable.
  5. The external page automatically closed, then user back to the adalo app. The maps in Adalo now showing the exact same position that user has pinned before.

yes, if provide the db with the coordinates then adalo can map them.

I tried sending coordinates but the map shows a white page. Any ideas?

My guess is that those coordinates were not recognised.

Hi, I have the same problem. My Maps shows a white page.
I think I made a mistake somewhere but I don’t know where… What type of coordinate are recognised ? I have to put it on my Collection ?
How Alado recognised an adress ? I need to use latitude and longitude coordinates ?
Please I need help, I looking for the solution since 2 hours… :frowning: