How to edit record or add new?

I’m creating a simple app in Adalo where a user comes in and enters information about the current day. If they open up the app for the first time for the day, they are going to enter data for a new record into a form. If they come in and there is already a record assigned for that day (a date field called “DayOf”) in the case they come in later that day, they would be editing an existing record that would be pulled up they entered from earlier that day. What is the most straight forward way of doing this in Adalo?


Hi Darren,

I would suggest you watch these videos:

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Hi @developermct ,

What you want to do is similar to this.

Currently, we need to choose between create or update, but if you can predict, it is better to do update only.

If you can’t predict, have a check record to report back, to choose create or update.

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