How to Upsert data

I want to create an entry, but if the entry exists, I want to update it (which is called Upsert).

I couldn’t find a way to do it on Adalo. Right now, I’m creating new entry everytime and this is not a desired behavior.

Hi @cihadturhan ,

Check them with count, and use different buttons to do it, for example if count 0, put action create, if more than 0, put list in the button, then update.


Hi @cihadturhan,

Please see this video how to prevent from creating duplicates: Adalo Hints: how to prevent from creating duplicate records in the collection - YouTube

To get “upsert” functionality, I’d suggest splitting the record creation/update into 2 steps on 2 screens. On the 1st screen you check if record exists (if not, create it). And on the 2nd screen you add or modify the data of the record.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks for the link, I’ll check the video link

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