How to effectively restore database?

Hello I have use integromat to make backup of all the images and url but when trying to restore it shows 404 error or can’t update the image

anyone know why and how to fix this or other ways around restoring backup database

Hi Albert,

Could you show us the scenario setup?

Just a side note, Adao does do back ups hourly, and stores them for 7 days.

How do we access the backups from adalo?
Right now we use integromat to backup the url images to google drive and dont know how to restore it back to

I don’t think you could access it, but in the event of an incident, Adalo would restore all databases.

Could you screenshot your integromat scenario?

It look something like this
When i try to restore i make it into csv and try to import into adalo so text and data succeed except images shows no data even though is url linked and when i try to click the image link it shows access denied

Oh it might because of restrictions of Google drive permissions; did you try to use Dropbox or other image services?

Hmm the linked image url is still from adalo though and even though we use google drive just to store the csv