Saving Issues in Adalo Database From Integromat

I recently connected my Adalo app to Integromat and seem to having an issue with saving and/or updating my database.

Integromat is able to both ‘update’ and ‘create’ new items in my Adalo database – confirmed by both the Integromat test interface as well as a manual verification via Adalo. The only issue is, despite my seeing the updated data in the Adalo database, updates do not seem to be appearing in my app until I open each of the updated records and re-save them.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or a step I’m forgetting to complete? Thanks!

Hi @corywynn,

If you’re using List in your Adalo app to display the records - did you try to set it “Auto-refresh list” to “On” in Advanced list settings?
In some cases it worked for me.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor

Thanks for the note. I should’ve mentioned that I have/had the auto-refresh on. Any chance you’ve found anything else that might be causing this issue with saving?

Let me know if you think a video and/or any other details from the app might help. Thanks again!

EDIT: Very odd, but I just tested my Integromat scenario again and do not seem to be having the issue at the moment. I am still a little bit concerned about the inconsistencies I’ve noticed between last night / earlier morning testing and now. But, I guess issue seems to be resolved for now… I would still be very curious to understand what was causing the issue though. Appreciate your help!

EDIT 2: May have jumped the gun a little bit on that last update. Still having a few saving / updating issues – still have my databases being updated, but some updates do seem to be appearing without re-saving.

Hi @corywynn,

Sounds like a bug, as for me… if you could replicate it - I’d advice to videorecord the case and submit a support ticket here Submit a Support Ticket

Best, Victor.

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