How to enable the use of free coupons?

Hello everyone. I’m using IAPHUB for subscription payment in the app, and I created the subscription in the Google Play Console, which I connected to IAPHUB. Everything is working. Before I start paying IAPHUB, I would like to create coupons to promote the app a bit. I have created coupons in the Google Play Console, and now I’m wondering what I should do next so that people can use these coupons? Do I add a specific field in the app on the payment page and then update the app, or maybe when selecting payment via Google, a field for entering coupons should automatically appear? Thank you in advance

I have created a custom paywall so I cannot find the free trial option in the IAPHUB components in Adalo. It might be called something else, but I haven’t found it in their documentation either. Also, even if I somehow found that component, how would I integrate it since I don’t have a product_id for coupons?

After creating coupons in Google, I received a notification that I should link it to the Google Play Billing Library. What is the easiest way because everything I saw involves coding. Thank you

I received the codes for cupons but I don’t have the ability to input them anywhere.

So, nobody knows?

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