Looking for someone to help with the Google Play Billing library for selling the subscription for my app

I am looking for someone with experience with subscription configuration for Google play.
I think the Apple store configuration is good but will need expert advices.
We are using IAPHUB integration in app subscription.

Hi! I have an Adalo app with 300k downloads based on subscriptions using IAPHUB. feel free to DM me if you still need help.

Hi Axme, I am trying to use iap kit and iap hub to sell, but kit seems that it is not operational in android because they need to be qupdated to 5.0 billing library.

Is there any alternative? Thank you

Hi Felix, I also saw that warming on the play console a few days ago but it’s no longer there for me. I guess that iaphub upgraded it?
If you still see it, feel free to send a screenshot and I can email support, we pay them a lot every month so they reply fast.