How to filter collections based on the selection

Hi, I’m stuck into selections.

Here is my case. I have continents collection which you can swipe at the top of my screen and click one of them.

I have also Continent countries collection. What I want is when I select any continent on the top of the screen, my selected continent countries would be filtered on google map. How may I do this?

There is no filter option to other collections data. I have created 3th collection as continent selections which can be updated by each continent click action but there is no filtering option into custom filter of the map.

Thanks in advance!

Create hidden input fields for search criteria.

Make a text input and call it ‘Continent’

When you click on the continent have the action to update input field ‘Continent’ to the name of the current continent.

Then in the search results you should be able to filter by that input field

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