External collection - Filtering db on map, query paremter

Hello everyone,

I would like to display a map where customer can find their pick point.
I created an external collection with API from Sendcloud to display it on the google map component.

A few problems occured :

  • I can’t zoom through the map with a text field (such as user adress) as the markers are used with the collection of pick point places. By default the map is zoomed on the whole country as there are many pick point places around country.

  • I would like to display the pick point chosen under the map, but there is no way to filter an external db (to match text field for example). So I think I need to create an internal collection but it would have to be updated for each search to match Sendcloud db and it has to avoid duplicata within it.

  • I can’t change markers display according to the type of pick place because of the external collection

I guess I have to use integromat to do so, but I’m not sure how to proceed.

Thanks a lot

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