A List When Clicking A List

I want to make so when you click a list, a new screen shows up with a list related to what you pressed on the first list, like for exemple if there is a list of different continents, and you click ¨Asia¨ it shows countries in Asia, Same with europe and all other continents
Is this possible?


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Create a collection of Countries. Create a collection of Continents. Add a many-to-one relationship between countries and continents where continents can have multiple countries and a country belongs to 1 continent.

Screen 1, have your list of continents that links to Screen 2.
Screen 2, have a list of Countries with a primary filter: Current Continent > Countries.


Thanks For The Answer!
So you mean that I should have one collection with all the countries from all continents?

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never mind!
I figured it out, Thank you so much for help, I have had this problem for quite a while

It’s pretty easy to find a list of all of the countries broken down by continent. I would recommend creating a spreadsheet and importing all countries that way. Would be a little faster than manually punching in every country.

A quick google search, I found this: https://www.theisn.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/List_of_countries_and_corresponding_Council_regions.pdf

Just copy and paste the values into a spreadsheet and import the CSV into the collection. Just be sure that none of the values contain commas.

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