How to Filter the List of External Collection Using Date

Hello! I want to filter the list of External Collection using the date parameter. I do not want the previous appointments to be shown on the list. I got the collection from Acuity Scheduling. Any ideas? Thank you!

adalo uses date format in c - as simple as this: PHP: DateTime::format - Manual
so you BE needs to push it in this format and then you can put filter today using adalo current date.
If you are using external collection you can also filter it on BE simple and pass the parameter e.g. 1 for future, -1 for past - that what i am sometimes doing

Thank you for your answer. I appreciate that. But, can you please elaborate? I’m not quite familiar with it and it looks too technical for me.

Adalo understands “c” date format
This how you need to convert the timestamp :man_shrugging:

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