Filtering External Collection


I’ve signed up to trial Adalo - this is my first post and I can see huge potential for the product; well done!

I am trying to filter an external collection. When I try to filter the external collection for a visibility rule, it offers me all of the collection’s fields as filter parameters.

I want to create a group which shows just one external collection item; ie, to show a list with just one entry, from a search. I have worked out how to send the search term to the results page, but now I need to filter the list to only show the correct result. When I try to filter list of external collection items, it does not offer me the fields as a dropdown:

I have tried entering the field’s name as Name and what I want it to be as Value, but the list still shows all results - ie, it doesn’t appear to be filtering in this way. Has anyone else had success filtering an external list? I’m sure I’m doing something simple wrong!

Hi @dosandco! The way filters work with external collections is a little different than with built-in collections. You need to read the documentation of the API you’re using, which will tell you what query parameters to add. Which service are you using for an external API?

For a little context, with an external collection, the data does not live in Adalo, and there may be lots of results. Because of this, we’re not able to pull all the data in and filter it in the same way as with built-in collections.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Jeremy - the external API is a GraphQL one with GraphCMS, so the filtering is done in the query itself, which is something it seems you don’t currently support.