How to force a line break in a Simple List

Hey hey! As in the title, is it possible?

My desired out outcome is:
Condition: Excellent
Estimated Cost: £100

However it only appears as:
Condition: ExcellentEstimated Cost: £100


Hi @adamg,

I also tried but it’s not even it’s two lines or no max. But it’s working if I click on the space bar and not enter. But on the preview it’s like messy :sweat_smile:

Let me show you this with a video! : Simple List Subtitle.mp4 - Google Drive

I think this is a bug! Will contact Adalo and let you know! Until that best is to use a Custom list.

Thank you

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Good to know! Thanks taking the time to test it. I will be interested to hear if you manage to get it fixed by Adalo

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A custom list is the solution.

Default lists (simple, card, image, horizontal chip, avatar, horizontal card) do not support line breaks in the text.

3 reasons why you should use a custom list instead:

  1. You can add multiple text components
  2. “Load items as users scroll” feature.
  3. Better flexibility of customization
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