How to Geofence Push Notifications

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering how it is possible to setup geofence push notifications in Adalo.

I see that user @cybergogoapps was able to do it. @cybergogoapps would you mind explaining to me how you were able to do this?

If not does anyone else know how to set up location based notifications that the user chooses?

Thank you all!

""cybergogoapps](Profile - cybergogoapps - Adalo)

Mar 14

I’ve created an application that features geo location push notifications. When the user enters the geo fence they will receive a push notification.

However, I’ve just realised this is useless without the user selecting " Allowed all the time " when they download the app, which for understandable reasons iOS, or android don’t push.

Is there a way around this?

Many thanks in advance,

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Would also like to know

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