How to get a WhatsApp notification whenever something happens in your App

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a tool that I made to stay on top of things that happen inside my Adalo app by getting a WhatsApp notification.

If you’re looking to get a WhatsApp when:

  1. Users sign up
  2. Users pay for something inside your app
  3. Users complete any important action in your Adalo app…

Then follow these steps:

Step 1:
Create a “Notifications” Collection on Adalo

Step 2:
On key actions of your app (user sign up, user purchase,…) make an action that is Create a Notification Record and add custom text to it.

Step 3:
Use Zapier or Make and create a scenario/zap that listens for “when a new record is created” and connect it with the WhatsAble Slack or Make app (it’s invite-only, but here’s the link to get access)

BOOM: You can now get a WhatsApp notification whenever an important thing happens in your app.
WhatsAble has a free plan :slight_smile:

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Does not connect with Make Adalo module. Requires API key. Adalo API key does not work.

Hi @Aprokhorov , here you need to put your WhatsAble API key. not your adalo API key.

You can get it here

I think the service is not mature enough to get paid. Even the SignUp screen is lacking logic. I am afraid to look what is inside… You never get the second chance to make the first impression. Look at this:

Hi @Aprokhorov, thanks for the feedback. Do you mean that it says it says “log in” instead of “Sign Up”?
There’s a generous free plan and if you’re not happy with the paid plan you can just ask for a refund :slight_smile:

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