Notifications :: Are possibe without Zappier in Adalo?

Hi All,

I am in middle of App development, and already have my App in Google App Store (Test environment).

My Question:
Will Adalo be able to send notifications to users based on Click actions within Adalo? So I will not require external help like Zappier.

I am actually already trying to create notifications, but not working so far.


Plus can anyone help me to understand that what is differene between “All users” and “Logged in Users” option?

Many thanks in advance.!

Hello @k86305

What you are doing is wrong, first of all yes it’s possible to do notification with click action in adalo with no zapier need, you only have to configure it write, what you are doing wrong is the recipient is “logged in user” that doesn’t work. So logged in user means the account which is currently being in use on that phone, for example if you open your app on your mean, that mean you are the logged in user, and you can’t send notification for yourself. All users means all the users that uses your app, like all the “User” collection in database.

So in conclusion, notification is very easy to do in adalo, you only need to configure it right, may i ask how are you planning the notifications, who will be your recipient?

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Hi @njimmy10,

Thanks a lot for the reply and great information.

Now it is clear that I should use all user option for notification. I have tried it and it worked too.

Actuallly I am trying to use the notification button for all users using the App. And trigger action will be applied for every new Service, worker, or Business being added in the App.


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That’s cool,

You can also choose your recipient depending on the informations available in that screen.

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