How to get back to Adalo screen from a O-Auth redirect-url?


So, I am calling an external link (into a web-view I guess) from a custom action where the user authenticates the credentials and should be directed back to the Adalo screen.

The OAUTH 2.0 process is defined in integromat HTTP where I provide a redirect url, which is needed to be integromat specific a per integromat documentation.

I want to test/experiment by providing a Adalo screen link as the redirect url but is there a way to get the screen url?
Is there a workaround if deeplinking back to Adalo is not possible?
If anyone has done a similar implementation, perhaps share your learnings for inspiration.

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:

You can a deep linking component provided by @TKOTC to do that

Thanks @njimmy10
@TKOTC please help me with the deep linking component. Is there something I can read to understand the implementation?

I can help you if you’d like too…

I’d take @njimmy10 up on his offer. Otherwise Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end - #48 by James_App_Maker



I’d also like some help with this if you have the time after the holidays

good evening…can you help me about the same subject…I would like through a link to redirect users to a screen of my application…Thank you

how to determine a screen url.?

To achieve that you need deep linking in your app to redirect the user back to the app

please njimmy10…can you help me to do it.? thank you

Deep linking is required, for more details check these two videos:



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