How to get back to Adalo screen from a O-Auth redirect-url?


So, I am calling an external link (into a web-view I guess) from a custom action where the user authenticates the credentials and should be directed back to the Adalo screen.

The OAUTH 2.0 process is defined in integromat HTTP where I provide a redirect url, which is needed to be integromat specific a per integromat documentation.

I want to test/experiment by providing a Adalo screen link as the redirect url but is there a way to get the screen url?
Is there a workaround if deeplinking back to Adalo is not possible?
If anyone has done a similar implementation, perhaps share your learnings for inspiration.

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:

You can a deep linking component provided by @TKOTC to do that

Thanks @njimmy10
@TKOTC please help me with the deep linking component. Is there something I can read to understand the implementation?

I can help you if you’d like too…

I’d take @njimmy10 up on his offer. Otherwise Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end - #48 by James_App_Maker



I’d also like some help with this if you have the time after the holidays