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I’m working through a custom Stripe Connect integration as sKuD describes here: Live Stripe Connect generate blank screen - #2 by sKuD

As part of the setup process, a user is sent to a Stripe setup page outside of Adalo. Upon completion (or if setup is interrupted), the Stripe page will redirect back to a URL.

If this process is started in a native iOS or Android app, is it possible to have the URL open a specific page in the Adalo native app? I have no idea if possible or how it would be done.



it’s called deep link and Adalo doesn’t have this issue… You can test with herokuapp.

Thanks @sKuD unfortunately I’m not a developer so coding something won’t work for me :slight_smile:

So, you could test https://fr.goodbarber.com an alternative solution to Adalo :smiley:

There are many alternative solutions to Adalo :slight_smile:. But trying to push the limits as to what I can do with Adalo (as a non-coder)…

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@TKOTC I saw that, So if I understand correctly, that would keep the user in Adalo interface while running through the Stripe pages. But at the end, it redirects to a specified URL/URI. What would I use for the Stripe return URL?

You leave the app, do what you need to do, then return to the app at a specific page.

Depending on the exact setup, you create 2 screens in your App. Payment Success and Payment Failure, or whatever you want. Let’s say we set the scheme to ‘adalo’ and the hostname to ‘app.paulh’ Then you add the deep link component to each page on the Payment success make the url ‘success’ and the failure you make the url ‘fail’

In whatever payment platform you want you set the success url to ‘adalo://app.paulh/success’ and the fail to ‘adalo://app.paulh/fail’, that way when the url is triggered it will reopen the app into either the success of fail pages.

Oh, also, I don’t really use stock components so I don’t know the exact details on the component. This is just generalized way of doing it.

Ok great thank you. I’m just watching the video (I misunderstood what it did before). So this sounds exactly what I was looking for (as long as it works with iOS). I will try it out and see how it goes! Thank you

Edit: @TKOTC Steven, for the URI scheme, am I supposed to always use pragmaflow to get it to come back to app?

you can choose whatever you like as long as it is a single word and lower case for the scheme. I used https and pragmaflow in the example, but you can set it to anything. If you want it to be awesome://my.app.is.the.best/success then the scheme is awesome the hostname is my.app.the.best then the uri is success

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