How to get more users?


I built a book appointment app last year on adalo, and so far no one has downloaded or used my app.

I was wondering who uses the book appointment app for their business and how many users do you have on there. Also, how long did it take to get those users, and what you did to get them.

I am working with a marketer and they suggested I use calendy because it will be easier for potential customers.

I am paying money every month for my app and I don’t want it to be a waste.

So I was wanting help with how to get more users for my app and what marketing strategy you guys have marketing the apps.

What’s the link to your app? Let’s start from there.

I’m sure you understand that your question is not an easy one to respond. Also, it’s not an issue related to Adalo. You are asking how to acquire users, and this forum serves a different purpose.

That said, there are tons of content online related to acquiring users. It’s a Google away.

I would recommend starting there. Read, and read, and then read some more on all the ways you can acquire users and which strategies would make more sense to your app.


thank you

Hey @Donye

I recommend creating a landing page that showcases the value of your app. Send traffic to that landing page.

Here’s an example of one of my landing pages/apps:


Thank you

Hi @Donye,

We understand how tough it can be to launch & market your app to users. We have some courses in the Adalo App Academy | Launch & Iterate section as well as some great blog posts which would be useful in this journey.

Hope this helps!


Thank you I will definitely check it out

I’d suggest you learn a UI/UX Course. You have a good idea but you have not interpreted it well enough with a good UI.

Great job looks well!! Keep up the good work


Thank you

Ok expert. Let’s have a little appreciation for everyone’s journey … not everyone’s view on UI will be the same as yours. Fairplay to @Donye for sharing the App to us. Amazing.


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