🎓 Adalo App Academy is here!

I’m excited to announce the launch of The Adalo App Academy!

Learn how to build and launch successful mobile apps with this treasure trove of 70+ instructor-led courses and resources… for FREE!!!

Our goal is not just to help you build an app, but to help you build a business.

We cover every stage of the app-building, launching, and marketing journey:

  • Introduction to Apps
  • Strategy and Business
  • UX Design
  • Practical Guides to Build an App
  • How to Launch and Iterate
  • Navigating the Freelancer and Agency Ecosystem

Big shoutout to all our instructors and contributors – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Check out the Adalo App Academy here: appacademy.adalo.com

The Adalo App Academy is live on Product Hunt too, so head on over and check us out! :+1:


Yeah!!! congrats!


Awesome :fire:


Bravo Adalo. Some varied resources for sure! Something that all levels of user can learn from.






These resources can become our references in helping new makers.




Just read the ebook/pdf - ‘How to Launch an App’. Great overview of the process, like a tick list and brainstormer. 60 pages of gold, thanks to whoever took their time in making it.


That was done by our content writer, Sonia. She writes our blog posts, too.


So I started to do a course on my phone with chrome, not sure if it is displaying differently for me, but when watching a course video it doesnt give any information below the video, e.g. which course your watching and more improtantly which section. Might have just been over looked, might be a mobile issue?

Screenshot attached.

Thanks for the feedback! We actually used a nocode platform to build the academy. It could be a platform limitation, but I’ll pass the info along to the designers.

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An alternative would be to put “x of 7 sections” in the bottom left of video during video editing.

I was a bit surprised how the video was split up with only one link but no text linking them, not seen it on a training platform like that before. Normally each video comes with transcript below for visually impaired users (like images having alt text, which is real improtant for SEOs), but not sure if Adalo will be used by many visually impaired compared to non-dev websites.:+1:

Just a comment! :smiley:

My Favorite course is The Joy Of Making course! I really like how Jesse and Barrett making that app! Jesse gives a suggestion and Barrett gives a suggestion and they talk about that and choose the correct one and applying it! And if they not sure how to do this they get help of the forum posts! That’s wonderful! :raised_hands: Jesse and Barrett need more courses like this! I will definitely watch them too!

And again thanks for everyone who has created courses and helping to create the Adalo App Academy! Everyone’s efforts are appreciated! :muscle:


@GOZA just click the green button with double arrows!

And to go back click that green button with arrows again.

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Thats embarrassing. Haha.

Thanks Dilon. I presumed the arrows were fast forward or skip video type function as menu is usually three horizontal lines or maybe an information symbol.

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Your Welcome Matthew!