How to get notifications

I have a chat in my app, but I want to add notifications , so that when a message comes, the user gets a notification.
Also, I want to make a situation possible where I can send messages to a list(group) of users instead of sending it individually, how can I achieve that please

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Hi @Presh,

You can use the Trigger Notification Action! See here : No-Code Chat Tutorial - YouTube

Groups chats? You need to add users to a many to many relationship inside the chatroom collection. And then same way you can show current conversation > messages and all users inside that conversation can see that messages!

Yongki built a great app for this! : Group Chat Template

Thank you

Hi @Presh

Check out this real-time chat component created by PragmaFlow

It is so much faster and better chat component than the Adalo chat.

To receive notifications check here: Real Time Chat Notifications.mp4 - Google Drive

To create group chat check here: Build Real-Time Chat, for real - #6 by TKOTC

UPDATE: Use the real-time chat component with caution. Your apps might freeze because of it.

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