How to go about this?

Can I do this with Adalo?

How do I build an item search engine using Adalo, where each search item is sent as a request (from a client side interface that looks like Google) to a mobile app (with storeowners registered on it) and they can simply tap “available” to return their store name and location as the search result

What have you tried thus far?

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Thank you for your response @becky

Created a web app (for clients) and mobile app (for store owners) with shared database.
Built web app with “search screen” and a simple list with an attached database of item list to select from.
Added search filter to bring up item when search term “contains” item in database.
Trying to send each new search item to the app
Added a tab bar
Added a list to the Home Screen.
Wanting to display all new search items in that list

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