Making an app for recipes

I want to make an app were I have a list of stores with their products. From the recipes menu, when I click on a specific recipe, the app should return a list of stores where I found all the ingredients for that recipe.
It’s possible to make something like that with Adalo?
If yes, can you give me some pointers for doing this?

Yes, you could do this. The easiest way to do this is to have an ingredient collection with a relationship to stores.

When you add an ingredient to the recipe, you’ll naturally link it to the store that provided that ingredient.

Thank you Erik for your reply!

I’ve created on the database Ingredient, Store and Recipe with the next relationships: Ingredient M2M with Store and Ingredient M2M with Recipe. On a view I added a dropdown for recipes and a list with stores with the custom filter Current Store > Ingredients > Recipes Contains Selected Recipe (from the dropdown) but with no result.

Am I doing something wrong?
Best Regards!

I just made a video about this, hope it helps!

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