How to handle complex relationships between collections?

I’m writing an application for a funeral home. The deceased is a collection and coolers are a collection. Essentially, I have a one to many. One cooler will hold many deceased over time. But the application needs to able to know which deceased is currently in the cooler. I would like to have a one-to-one relationship for the cooler’s current occupant, but on the deceased collection, I would like to store what cooler they were in, in the past. How can I or should I set this relationship up in Adalo?

Thanks, guys!

Hi @developermct ,

I usually visualize them in spreadsheet like, whether in my mind, paper or computer.

By your story, cooler can have many spots, so with this relationship, you have 1 cooler that many spots, I am repeating myself here. :grinning:

Then a deceased can be in one of the spot in the cooler, but this spot can have many deceased through time, not at the same time.

So, 1 spot can have many deceased with certain time.

In this case, you have 3 levels of 1-to-many, the lowest are deceased (with additional property to indicate this is current or not)

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