Migrate Users from another App

Hi, I am planning on migrating my existing users from the app which is code heavy to Adalo version.

My current users have logins with Google, Apple & Email. I am not worried about the user created data with in the app at this point.

Primary objective is to migrate the users without impacting their access, any expert here can a way forward please?

You can import the users as a csv file to the Adalo User’s collection.

Understand I need to force user to reset his password, but for Apple Sign in and Google Sign In, will users be able to login directly as an existing user?

When they perform that, it should create a user automatically the first time they sign in with that component.

This may be a bit trickier though. I never tried it myself or heard of it before. you are paving new paths of possibilities :wink: please let me know if you encounter issues moving forward with it.

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