How to integrate shippo with adalo?

Hi all!

Does anyone know how to integrate shippo (or any shipping label generating service)with Adalo in order to create a shipping label for customers?
I am building an offerup like app . The ideal is When the buyer purchases from the seller. The app will generate a shipping label base on the Buyer and seller’s information and send it to the Seller.

Thanks for anyhelp!



Yes, its possible, using API Shippo + Integromat + Adalo


This is the API documentation


thanks for reply, I tried Integromat, integromat seems does not support shippo.
I also tried Zapier, did not make it work

Hi, Rick
Can you make this work? If you could, I would like to hire you to build this part for me:)

It is a combination, send / receive data by API directly + send / receive data by webhooks.

@ShawnPB use the http module in integromat to connect with shippo API and you’ll be able to do it.

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