How to keep a button in fixed spot

I want a button in each four corners. I have the visibility settings set so only one of two buttons shows in the top left spot. But the bottom left button keeps getting pulled up. I can’t find a way to keep it exactly where it is in the design screen.

One way would be first, have all your buttons sitting in invisible rectangles and group them. Have your visbility now set on the group(button+rectangle) rather than on the button. Rectangles for each button should be the same size.

On the left side, add an extra rectangle between the 2nd and 3rd button. In editor obviously, your buttons will look out of position, but as one of these rectangles(with buttons) will disappear in reality, your result should be everything holds shape.

Hope that makes sense.


Another tip, perhaps even better as your editor won’t look weird…

Have one tall skinny rectangle alongside buttons 1 and 2 which is always visible. Have a separate skinny rectangle below, the height of the third button. Group the third button with the rectangle to its left.

Even if button 1 or 2 disappears, the rectangle should hold the vertical space. This might need some playing with but that’s the principle.

A couple of options there to try.


I’ll see what I can do here. I wish adalo would change it so things in the design are just fixed and not moving. Then we can just stack buttons on top of each other and choose which one is visible.

unfortunately nothing worked. I will think of something else. the weird thing is if the third button gets far away enough then it becomes fixed in its position. But there is no way I can get it into that bottom left corner I want it to be in.

I found out the toggle component gets rid of this problem. But the toggle icon is so small it seems theresno way to make the clickable area bigger other than making the icon bigger.

Just as an example, you need to keep experimenting.

I use as much as rectangles as necessary to keep them in line.

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Hey, thanks for starting this thread. I’m having trouble following the steps. Can someone please show how this works via a video? Cheers.