Buttons change positions

I’ve got the same buttons 2x. When I click one, I make it as “active” and other is hidden. The problem is - placing them is very difficult because they change place after click and change visibility…

What is interesting - one screen has it ok, the other (the same!) has it wrong…

Project on the left, preview on the right. Buttons with orange background are “active”. In project everything is ok, in preview it goes away. Other screens work ok with the same posibion.

How to make it out?

I think this is just a bug. I hope you’ll give me even one month pay plan for that.

Hi Dawid,

Did you try placing them under each other with some spacing in-between, instead of right next to each other?

Yeah, not work. My way works in other screens, why does it crash only on one screen if everything stay the same? It’s just buggy.

pt., 20 sie 2021, 06:25 użytkownik James Agib via Adalo <adalo@discoursemail.com> napisał:

So, what should I do? Is here any Adalo’s expert? I’ve tried with different spaces between buttons - left side works, right (the same) not works properly.

Are the buttons grouped?

It seems like it works when they are top and bottom. It’s strange because on other screen they work next to each other. They are not grouped.

So, what is proper way to do that without any little bug?

If I found bug, can I get some PRO account for that?

That’s the proper way. No, you probably can’t get some money for the bug.

Cool! Not money, just PRO plan for some time :wink:
Ok. So the proper way is grouped buttons top-bottom?

Yes. And I don’t think you will get a pro plan because lots of people have found bugs and they just report it. :laughing:

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