How to keep a toggle active


I’m facing an issue with toggles.

I have a user list that contains the heart toggle which, when active pulls the user to another list called “shortlist”. The problem is when I leave the first screen with all the users the heart becomes inactive and I want it to stay active if the logged-in user has hearted it. Additionally, once the logged-in user is viewing their “shortlist” screen, all the users on that screen should be hearted and, if possible, they could un-heart the user, making the toggle inactive and resulting in the user disappearing from their “shortlist”.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @paige.scholes ,

If your shortlist is filtered correctly, you can have persistence value, show us your mockup what it should be like.

Hi @Yongki

This is the filter for the shortlist on the left. When a user is hearted on the dashboard they should show up on the shortlist still being hearted. I’m honestly having trouble getting the hearted users to show up on the shortlist so maybe that could be part of the problem.

Let me check and reproduce your issue.

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Hi @paige.scholes ,

Here is my setting,

Both are using simple list and have the same toggle setting,

compressed 2022-06-09 at 6.08.39 AM (1)

Users and shortlist have many-to-many relationship.

I have almost the exact settings for the toggle except the last box says “includes current user” could that be making a difference?

Keep experimenting with different relationships.

I’m sorry for interfering!

You need to show the Logged in user > Short list right? ( the users that logged in user liked? )

Then you need to add Logged in user > Shortlist > Includes Current User.

And I noticed that when adding properties from Logged in user section and in the preview if I like it, it doesn’t change and the icon becomes inactive again. Maybe a bug. Need to contact Support.

@dilon_perera @Yongki

Thank you both for your help, got it figured out!

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