Sometimes visible does'nt work

The heart toggle that allows you to save your favorites should not appear on your own posts, and I want to.
As you can see in the picture, the user id of the person who posted it and the user id of the person who is logged in are equal. If there isn’t one, I’ve made the heart toggle show up, but it still shows up when it’s equal.
Is there any other way to do this?

Hi @yuri :slight_smile:
The toggle is a button right? The button doesnt know about the database, but the screen does so you could change the list. Filter it for Boshus where Current Boshu > User > User Id is not Logged in User > User Id. Hope this is the solution you want ^^

Thanks for your advice.
I have done it before.
But it’s not working well.


I was wrong. Current Boshu didn’t have User Id.

Thanks for your support!