How to list external database item with API?

I have a Rest JS API responding normally to GET. How do I list a specific item via API in adalo? I saw some things with Airtable, but testing and it didn’t work. Working normally on GET calls, testing directly in the browser.

RestJS API with Mysql database, working normally.

I appreciate the help.

Hi @softal,

Interesting, what mistake do you receive?


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Hello how are you ?

Well, actually, I didn’t even get an error, I need to understand the dynamics of how to make the call, the API responds normally when I send a GET through the browser, but I didn’t understand the logic inside Adalo … Do you know how to do it?

Hi @softal,

According to this External Collections with APIs - Adalo Resources you need to have 5 endpoints in your external collection. Did you set them up?

Best regards, Victor.