How to lock the entire app?

Hi everyone ,

is it possible to lock the entire app on the fist screen ? (nobody can enter in the app whitout my password … like a private club "

To be more explicit: i will buy an adalo template , and i would like to add a “locked function” in the first screen . Is it possible ? if yes , how to ?

It depends. Would you like a OTP (one time password) and it changes every time someone goes on and it sends a email with that OTP. Or a passcode that only you have and it never changes.


i made This,

Login users by username and each user has a unique Number created by me.and saved in the Users database.

in the login screen create a field for introduce this unique code.

When the user push the login buton the Action will be Ligin by username, and create second condition, the link to next page sometimes the Code entered in the Code Field is = to Code Field saved in table USer.

I hope I have explained myself well since my English is not very good

Thx for your answer .

I need a unique code I have .

I will give this code to my private client .

So only 1 code . ( maybe I can change it every year …)

Yes you have to generate a unique code and give it they by private.

i dont tasted but would be posible this code has experitation date on on DB and when user wants to login, first validate the exp. date , if expiration date its tru would show a modal screen whit instructions.

in ma case i have a modal to verify if code entered is the same saved in Users DB Field Called PIN, if not the same links to Error Screen whit an Error Message anda Back to Login Screen, if the Pin Enterd its the same user can login good as long as username and Password are correct. its like a double validation.

Hope Help this regards.

Thanks a lot .

Do you think I can add this « lock password function » to this template ?
And do you think I can change the language of this template ?

Maybe this will help.Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 8.18.41 AM

Currently in Adalo you cannot change language of the app automatically you would have to do it manually.

Hey, hey no need to buy a template, adalo has already one…

Check this template made by adalo…

Watch this video it will help too…

Setting up an Access/Company Code - YouTube

Thanks :

Do you think I can add lock function to this

Anonymous social network app :

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