Can I create a one use access code to access the app?

The functionality is as follows:

  1. The app owner will issue a unique passcode to each user.
  2. The user enters the code to gain access to the app
  3. Once entered, they gain access to a specific area of the app, but not the entire app
  4. The entire app is unlocked with these one use pass codes
  5. If they give the code to someone else to use the app, it won’t work
  6. It works one time and the user will have access from that point on, no need to enter a code once they have access.
  7. The origninal developer for this app issued the owner of the app 1000 pass codes to distribute as needed to her students.

Can I achieve this in Adalo? If not, is there an ability to do custom code like on web builders?


  1. token will eventually expire and require re authentication

But mostly yes, by some trickery and use of 3rd party to make API calls, you will essentially be logging the user in or signing them up when a code is successfully entered. I would suggest Xano.

Thank you Rozza. Who is Xano?

So, it is a combination of Adalo builder and custom code?

Still no code, but gives you a server environment to run things rather than relying only on the device of each user. and zapier can do much the same (no database though)

Hi @jools ,
To use specifically Adalo you can do the following if fully automated, but of course, you can do steps,1,2 if codes are to be allocated manually.

  1. Use the Random function with custom action to create a code in the User collection. Then use another action to send the code to user via Email or SMS.
  2. User enters the code in an input text, and you use action to check if the number is validated, if so next action, if not retrieves error.
  3. Add users levels when to the user when they enter a specific code. Ex, code X gives X level, code Y gives Y level. Register that in a user specific field.
  4. This can take two steps, you can use the level “XXX” to redirect to certain pages, or when a user tries to enter a certain page, you can use the “when user enters screen”, if user level does not match, you can redirect to a screen “Your level does not allow” and with a countdown action redirect back for example, if code is the same, user enters screen.
  5. In this case, 2 ways, you have a specific level, if user is X but has level Y, then there is no match, so cannot be shareable. Other option is to register a special id like “userid+code” and then also compare that when going a certain screen/part of the app
  6. For this, then in the beginning of the checks, I would make app check level first, if it already registered as a certain level, it ignores the code, so the app is fully unlocked.
  7. The original developer for this app issued the owner of the app 1000 pass codes to distribute as needed to her students.

Hope it is clear, if not let me know.

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