Formating numbers as phone numbers

Hey people, need little help here.

In my database I’ve created an property called “Phone number” and it is filled in with phone numbers. My plan is to enable users to make a phone call directly from the app by clicking the button created for it, but I have problem because my numbers are listed with commas, for example (5544,566).

I need to say that I tried to change the format of number to “None” but it is still showing with commas.

How to fix this issue?

If there isn’t any number with an external code afterwards it should be fine with action callto:

I would recommend having that property not as a number, but as a text.

To trigger the phone call if a user taps on it, you need to have the correct action and formatting:

  • Action: Website
  • Formatting: tel:+<phone number>

In the example above, the phone number needs to be entered in international format: <country code><number>

I have used phone numbers with Adalo before, and I have followed that formatting, and no issues.

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I second this

I used tel: , should I use callto: function ?

I tried to format as a text, but there is still problem with commas :S

Can you maybe show me that part of the app in the video or similar, just to check am I doing something wrong?

Sure. This is my setting:


“Phone number number” is a Text property. The value inside that property already includes the “+” symbol. That’s why you only see tel:<Phone Number number> in the external link set up.

So when using the app, if users tap on “Call” it trigger the phone call.

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Yea it’s working! Thanks a lot. I misunderstood the “+” sign and country code, I thought that I needed to write tel: + <Phone number Magic Text>. Now when I entered “+” into the text property, directly, it worked. Thanks again!

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My pleasure.

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